De la Plage


Our Story

Claire and Sevan met in 2013 while working at cafes and restaurants in the Darwin CBD. Their aligned philosophies on food, business and life ultimately led to the birth of Café Del La Plage, which means ‘from the beach’ in French.

De la Plage has become

Much more than a café


With a sublime seaside location, friendly and laid-back atmosphere and an ever-changing menu inspired by Darwin’s culturally diverse community and fresh, organic produce, Del La Plage has become a unique staple in the Darwin café scene.

Since its inception in 2014, Del La Plage has become much more than a café, to its patrons, staff, and the broader community. Reflected in the variety of live music and community events and workshops held throughout the year, Del La Plage is a fun and relaxed space for people of all walks of life to enjoy. The café is built on cultural diversity, with the menu inspired by

Claire’s Belgian background and Sevan’s Turkish roots, as well as the multiculturalism within their team, and the broader Darwin community.

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